Book Description

A formerly happy and active child changes when a monster moves in but overcomes depression with the help of her grandmother.

Molly loves playing in the sunshine, time with friends, and cuddling up by the fire to watch cartoons. She hasn’t a worry in her head until the day her monster moves in and changes the way she sees her world. Soon, Molly no longer takes joy in the activities she previously enjoyed, and her friends no longer come around, and her monster is her constant companion. But one day, her supportive grandma comes to visit and over time coaxes Molly to talk and resume the things she loves until her monster is no longer a constant presence in her life in this lyrical, poetic, and thoughtfully illustrated story about overcoming depression.

  • A child-friendly approach to addressing the concept of depression and how to heal from it.
  • Poetic, lyrical prose makes this a pleasing read-aloud.
  • Touching and thoughtful illustrations that humanize feelings and mental health, allowing children a deeper understanding of emotions.

Isabel Tindale is a clinical psychologist, making her an expert in feelings and cheering people up. Her work aims to help children understand mental health. Isabel lives in Brisbane, Australia, and has been a soccer player, a pianist, a painter, a waiter, a (terrible) potter, and actor. She enjoys the great outdoors, reading with a cup of tea, and anything with chocolate. Isabel is a happy and fearless person, but can occasionally be found checking for monsters under her bed.

Judith Loske was born in a small town in Germany. Gaining a degree in illustration in 2010, Judith now works as an illustrator mostly within children’s publishing. Judith has always found being an illustrator to be a fascinating job and loves being able to tell stories through images. Judith uses a range of different media in her artwork, and enjoys using pencil, collage, watercolour and Photoshop.

RRP: AUD 24.99 / GBP £12.99 / USD $18.95

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 978-1-80036-066-2

Book Details
Isabel Hoysted
Judith Loske
21.0 cm in H · 25.5 cm in W · 32 pages
Release Date:
5th September 2024
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