Book Description

A cat, horse, pig, and mouse like the look of Farmer Tom’s barn but find it is not quite the perfect home they think.

In the yard of Farmer Tom live Tiddles the cat, Harriet Rose the horse, Penelope Pig, and Theodora Mouse, and they have their eye on the brand-new barn on top of the hill. It is large, it is warm, it is grand, indeed. It seems like the perfect home. Thinking no one will notice, they sneak in and settle down for the night, only to be woken by a noisy and scary surprise the next morning—Farmer Tom’s new tractor—in this amusing and beautifully lyrical tale of four characters who break the rules and get more than they bargained for.

  • Gorgeous lyrical language—including assonance, alliteration, consonance, and lilting cadence—makes for a great read-aloud.
  • An amusing, charming story about what can happen when one breaks the rules.
  • Young readers will delight in the witty and vibrant depictions of the farmyard characters and their setting, complimenting this humorous and engaging story.

Lynette Longaretti was a primary school teacher before becoming a lecturer in education. She likes to take the road less travelled, as that is often where adventure and wonder unfold. Her writing is inspired by the capers and antics of her two children and their first dog, Tara, mischievous and all-knowing, who kept an eye on things.

Maia Batumashvili was born in Tiblisi, Georgia in 1978. Since a young age, Maia has loved to draw and is inspired by the children’s books and cartoons she grew up with. After graduating from two art institutes, Maia worked on an animation project before finally realising her dream of illustrating children’s books. When Maia is not creating imaginative worlds, she enjoys spending time with her three beautiful children and her dog, Tayo.

RRP: AUD 24.99 / GBP £12.99 / USD $18.95

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 978-1-80036-060-0

Book Details
Lynette Longaretti
Maia Batumashvili
21.0 cm in H · 25.5 cm in W · 32 pages
Release Date:
5th September 2024
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